Friday, February 8, 2008

He doesn't get it...

I bought Jackson a potty because I've heard this (18 months) is a good time to start the whole potty training thing. I showed him the potty and let him sit on it and when I came back in, there was something inside! Not what I was going for.

This is the shirt my mommy friend Brenda made for Jackson for our Valentine's Day exchange! How cute is this!? It's good because it warns all the little girl babies that Jackson is a heart breaker.

Seven years ago this coming June, I was a lifeguard at a Young Life camp called Rockbridge for a month. I worked with 50 or so other college students doing a lot of different jobs. Three of those girls and I especially hit it off. Karen worked in the camp store, Katie worked on the ropes course, and Bekah was a fellow lifeguard. Over the years we've all stayed in touch and met up fairly regularly. The three of those girls were a part of my wedding and then we were a part of Katie's wedding when she got married. We've had lots of fun trips and lots of awesome memories.
Here we are at Myrtle Beach together:
Yummy drink!
Here we are at Katie's wedding:
The Girls
This weekend we got together for our first official reunion since Katie and I have had our babies. Katie and I had gotten together a few times and our babies, Caleb and Jackson hit it off great. We went to DC and had a blast eating at nice restaurants, drinking coffee, watching a movie (Juno- which is SO good!), laughing, talking, and going out to fun bars and pubs.
Here we are at Panera catching up on life:

Here are Katie, me, and Karen (Smaka) at an Irish pub drinking cider:

Here are Bekah, Katie, and I at La Tasca (a cool tapas place):

Smaka and Bekah:

Smaka and I:

My three best Summer Staff girls:

He's perfected the pout...

Jackson makes this face whenever he hurts one of us and we say "ouch". It's almost like he's saying "Awww, poor baby!" and mocking us. He also makes it when we take his pacifier away.

Jackson's black and white shoot...

I had to do these in black and whit because he was wearing my hat and scarf which are a very girly peach color. =)