Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our first 5k!

We DID it! =)
This was the first 5k race that Mom, Dad, Liz, and I ran together. It was the National Police Week 5k and we all ran the whole way and passed a lot of people ( passed by a lot of people, too ;-)). We all finished right around the 31 minute mark which was pretty good for our first race. I think we all want to run some more. I'd love to keep working my way up to further distances but we'll see.

Jackson representing in his FBI shirt.

The runners and our fans! The whole family minus Danny and Becky (who had prom the night before)!

Speaking of, here she is with her boyfriend, Stephen. I got there just in time to see her and her 30 friends leaving in their party bus.

And here is Jackson on his first Metro ride. He called it a "choo choo" and looooved it! We'll definitely be riding the Metro lots this summer.

Just for the record, we don't usually let him have his pacifier unless he's sleeping, but he was especially cranky that day so we gave in.

Jackson and his Daddy at one of the stops.

Katie and Caleb's visit...

One of my best friends, Katie came down to stay with us for the weekend and she brought her adorable 11 month old son, Caleb. Jackson was very interested in Caleb and for the most part did really well with him. There were a few times when I had Caleb in my lap that Jackson would get jealous and try to use his bum to push Caleb off and sit on my lap himself. ;-) Katie and I had a blast together like we always do and I wish so badly they lived closer. =( But we'll see each other a lot this summer while I'm in NoVa.

This is Caleb in Jackson's wagon.

This is Jackson crying because he hadn't had a nap and Caleb looking at his mom like "what's with this kid?"

Katie and Caleb at lunch. We went to "The Twisted Fork" and ate on their patio and it was such a gorgeous day.

Jackson playing with the "Thomas the Tank Engine" set at Barnes and Noble. He has spent HOURS on this thing. He throws a hissy fit every time we leave.

The boys playing together.

My favorite. You can tell Jackson likes Caleb! =)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catching up...

I'm so bad about being a consistent blogger. It'll probably be easier once summer is here cause I'll have Alan home to help out with Jackson!! YAY for being a teacher's wife! ;-)
Here's a few catch up photos:

Just a Jackson up close shot that I love.

This is Jackson's 3rd cousin Sharla dancing with him. She kept telling Jackson that they needed to go get married. I'm personally opposed to this idea.

Here's Jackson at the park near our house riding the "hosey."

Here he is waving good-bye and looking like such a little man.

And here he is swinging on the big boy swing. He hates the baby swing which is unfortunate because he falls backwards off of this swing more often than not. Oh well!
Coming up next in future blogs: Katie and Caleb's trip to visit us, pics from the 5k I ran in D.C. this last weekend, and pics from the Janney's last visit down. Get excited! ;-)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Dog

This is Lacy. She swims across the lake to visit us most days.

Jackson always gets really excited and starts shouting "Dog! DOG! Cheeyos."

So then I give him cheerios (cheeyos) and he feeds them to Lacy. She's a sweet yellow lab and makes me want a dog. We usually throw a ball for her and she comes with us on walks a lot. We're going to miss her when we move in a few weeks.