Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just some random new pics...

So, my camera is still broken (drowning incident), my loaner camera from my Dad is dead (battery charger incident), and I miss taking pictures. =( Here are a few random ones I've taken over the last month or so.

Jackson with his puppy from Whitney Leigh. We coincidentally named the puppy Whitney Leigh.

Alan getting ready for his first day of teaching. We're in a hotel cause we hadn't moved into our new house yet. And don't worry, he tucked in his shirt.

Lizzy and Matt came down to stay with us and here everyone is enjoying the pool at our new house.

Jackson is SO excited to be in the water!

The picture of relaxation!

Jackson taking off! He liked the way the pump would shoot him across the pool.

Jackson intently watching Sesame Street. He likes to be all bundled up like that.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jackson's One!

Jackson had a great first birthday party with lots of family and friends. He chose Elmo as his theme since Sesame Street is his favorite show and Elmo's world is his favorite segment. Makes sense. =)

Here he is on his real birthday at my mom and dad's house.

Here I am blowing out his candle (a little dramatically).

Getting ready to party...

Mingling with his Papa J and his Great Grandpa J.

His Elmo cake!

Trying out some of the food with his Aunties and Nana.

Jackson, Liz, Beck and I.

Party people.

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Not quite sure what he thinks.

Mom and Dad showing him that he can touch the cake.

Trying it out.

Making progress.

Big bite.

That was good.

Present time!

His new giraffe from Auntie Anne and Uncle Danny.

Opening presents himself.

It took a long time because he had SO many presents!

Loving his new giraffe.

Auntie Megan, Sandy, and Papa J setting up Jackson's new playhouse from Gigi and Gpa.

All set up! Nana, Gigi, and Great Granny watching Jackson play.

So many new toys!

Inside his new play house with some new toys!

Sticking his face against the window.

Smokey came to the party and so did Matt and Mark.

Jackson and Gpa.

Catching Up

So, things have been CRAZY lately since we moved to North Carolina and have been super busy. Here are a few pics from California (I'll post more when I get them- my Dad has most of them). I spent almost two weeks in California seeing Lake Mammoth, Nevada City, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and Grass Valley! It was an awesome time with family and seeing so many beautiful sights!

My sisters and Jackson and I on the porch of our Lake Mammoth home.

A few of the Murphy cousins.

My family in front of Grandma and Grandpa Murphy's house in Grass Valley. Aren't we photogenic?

The view across the lake from where we were laying out. She had two baby cubs with her, too. Scary!

Jackson's silly face at Yosemite.

Jackson playing with his Liz and Beck at Auntie Lindy's house.

Mom and Dad at Yosemite.

Liz, Beck, and I swimming in Lake Tahoe. Brrr!

My sisters and I at Yosemite.

Jackson and Aunt Becky.

Think I got enough sister pics?

Jackson chilling in Reno!