Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walkin on the streets of D.C...

It's been a year or two since I've been to Washington D.C.. I think growing up so close to the capitol (my parents live about 25 minutes south of D.C.) kind of spoiled me back then. 
 Picture taken by my Dad (nice one!).
I just never really saw D.C. as a big deal. I enjoyed going there usually, but we used to go a LOT when company would come into town. Going back now and seeing D.C. again and explaining the White House, the Capitol, the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. to Jackson made it special again. We went on a gorgeous spring day. My mom and Dad had both taken the day off of work (because they love us so) and we had a wonderful day. 
Chase (saying heyyyyy), Jackson, and my mom (Gigi...or Geeg as Jackson calls her because they are tight like that.)
Unfortunately, everyone else in the world also decided to go that day. The Mall was packed! In fact, the President even made an appearance. He and his family were coming home from President Obama throwing the first pitch at the Nationals Game.
Presidential motorcade.
 I was so caught up in it all that I wasn't paying very close attention to the sidewalk in front of me and there was a SUPER uneven part that I hit which caused Chase to slam forward into the front of the stroller resulting in...his first black eye. So sad! Mr. President, when you read my blog (as I'm sure you often do), I'd like to request that you fix the sidewalks in D.C. Kay, thanks? 

Jackson got to do something I have always wanted to do. I mean, if I was a kid. Or if people wouldn't look at me like I was a freak for doing it now... ride the Carousel on the mall!
Jackson and my Dad (Gpa)
   Seriously, this Carousel is right in front of the Smithsonian castle and is pretty cool. It's also surprisingly fast. At least that's what it seemed like the little 7 year old boy behind Jackson thought since he bawled the whole time. 

Chase and Gigi watched the Carousel and Chase thought it was hilarious.

Then it was snack time because Jackson knew I had packed some of my mom's homemade banana blueberry bread for a snack and he couldn't stop himself from bringing it up every 3 minutes or so. 
 "Oh my GOSH! I can't believe how good this bread is!" 

Then we got my Dad to take a family pic of the four of us which is quite the daunting task these days (please refer to my Easter picture post a few back). He made a valiant attempt and we got this...winner.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Friends...

There is something special and unique about friends who knew you back when. Friends who know your history and your family and your life. Friends who knew you when you were an angst filled teenager and still loved you. Friends who remained faithful and forgave you more times than you deserved. Friends who you laughed with and cried with and who you experienced so many of the firsts in life with. These kind of friends:

A friend who knew you when you had braces and when you got your first kiss in those braces (and who had set you up with that guy and rode in the same van while the kiss took place after a Haunted House). A friend who you wrote ridiculous notes back and forth to and who you could fight with and make-up with all in a matter of minutes. A friend who you took voice lessons with and who you got sent to "time out" with in the choir director's office for talking too much with.

A friend who you attended youth group with and who you would talk to for hours about all the youth group guys that you were in love with (that week). A friend who you got to go with to the mall unsupervised for the first time. A friend who you took turns with asking each others' parents about sleepovers every other weekend.

  A friend who you went to camp with for the first time.A friend who shared her headphones with you as you listened together to Alanis Morissette.A friend who talked to you about your relationship with God and helped you to grow. A friend who helped you through what you thought was your first heartbreak (even though it really wasn't). A friend who remained faithful in writing you letters and calling you even after you had moved away.

 A friend who became a comfort and a joy to you in a new place. A friend who knew you when you fell in love for the first time and that was all that you could talk about or think about. A friend who drove you everywhere because she was a year older than you and was always nice about it (except in the mornings when she wasn't capable of being very nice to anyone). A friend who believed in a friendship years after it had ended and forgave the past.

A friend who took driver's education with you and saw you crash your car into a gate when you got your gas pedal and brake pedal confused and a friend who you worked your first job with and who saw you violate the dress code on multiple occasions with your short skirts. A friend who lived through very real heartaches with you and shared her own with you.

A friend who taught you the art of being a social butterfly and of shining your light. A friend who taught you how delicious Caramel Macchiatos could be at Starbucks and also taught you how to be vulnerable at Starbucks as you shared your life and struggles. A friend who taught you that Peyton Manning was (and is) awesome. A friend who showed  you that years apart make no difference in a true friendship.

A friend who had no choice because she was your best friend from the day she was born. A friend who helped you through your first heart break (this time it was for real) and rubbed your back as you cried and at least pretended to listen as you re-read all the old love notes that had been exchanged. A friend who never, ever failed you. Even when you called her mean names outside of her door for not letting you borrow her clothes and she punched you. Even when she was ignored for other friends. A friend who you could always go next door and talk to when all the other friends weren't there.

"A true friend is the gift of God, and he only who made hearts can unite them.”
Robert South

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hour...

   One of my favorite things about being at my mom and dad's house is happy hour. When 5:00 rolls around, the wine comes out, the vodka lemonades come out, the margaritas come out, the appetizers come out...the FUN comes out! Well, the fun is actually already out most of the time. =)  My Dad has a wine cellar of sorts in his basement. He has some pretty nice red wines that he likes to break open for special occasions.
   My visits, however, are not one of those special occasion. That is probably because I dub Dad's best wines as "inoffensive." I can't help it! I know red wine is better for me and I know that it's what those with a mature wine palate tend to prefer, but I love white wine! Thankfully my mom and I both like Pinot Grigio and my Dad is very gracious about buying me Gewurztraminer and other yummy white wines.
   All this to say, I came downstairs after getting ready to go out to dinner with some girlfriends of mine and see Jackson sitting at the counter with my mom dipping a cookie in his milk (before dinner).
   "Jackson! What are you eating?" He smirks at me with a knowing look since anything Gigi says goes so he knows that he is safe.
   "It's Happy Hour!" my mom chimes in.
   "Yeah, it's Happy Hour!" Jackson repeats smiling. Well played, Gigi and Jackson.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back from Spring Break...

 "He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." Matthew 28:6

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter! Ours was fabulous. My baby sister, Becky came down to visit. And by baby sister, I mean my almost 20 year old sister. We had a girls night out with dinner, shopping and a movie. I'm not saying which one we saw because that would embarrass Becky. She's super cool and I'd hate to ruin that for her by telling the whole world that she saw and enjoyed a movie with Miley Cyrus. Oops. I will say that this guy was in the movie and that she was more than okay with that: 

Click to view full size image

Here is the only pic I got of Beck and I. It was taken Easter morning by Jackson. Not too bad for a 3 1/2 year old photographer. 

Here is our family pic from that morning before church. Um, preschoolers and infants are NOT awesome at getting their picture taken. Okay, neither am I, actually. Here is Chase pouting and Jackson doing his "cute" face (according to him) which actually looks like he is eating imaginary corn on the cob. Kudos to Alan on producing a normal smile. =)

We headed to church and the service was especially meaningful because...well, He is alive. Then we headed to the in-laws for a wonderful outdoor lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  It was sunny and warm and just one of those perfect days where all is right in the world.

Chase hung out with Megan.

Becky and Jackson and Papa found a lot of Easter eggs. Debbie (my mother in law) isn't pictured because she was taking most of the pictures and making our yummy lunch and dessert (the poached pears with ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and slivered almonds was absolutely not a flat belly diet meal...but so worth it. =)).

Then we headed to the car and made our way to Northern Virginia for SPRING BREAK! Lots more pics and blogs to come!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts...

First off, get ready for a LOT of upcoming blog posts. A lot of pictures have been taken, a lot of things have happened, a lot of places have been seen, a lot of stories need to be told. I will probably be blogging daily for awhile. =)
The preschool that Jackson attends is part of a church that does a lot of wonderful community outreach. One of their events is an Easter egg hunt. We went to the same Easter egg hunt last year and I can be seen on the same bench 8+ months pregnant HERE.
 I enjoyed having Chase in my lap rather than in my belly this year! Love babies...don't love getting the big ole belly.
Just like last year, Jackson was much more interested in quality rather than quantity. I walked up to find him opening the eggs, contemplating the candy, and then putting the rejected eggs back on the ground. Hmm. 
Our friend Stephanie came by to visit and we got to briefly catch up. Steph and I have been friends for 7+ years and we don't get to see her nearly enough. Chase was smitten with her. 
 My three favorite boys on the bench. 
And a photo by Jackson. 
P.S. please note that last year, Alan was clean shaven and this year he is rockin some facial hair. In comparing the two pics, I'm feeling the facial hair- what do you think?