Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some of our favorites...

Alan, Jackson, and I got together with some of our favorite friends! We went over to see Cory, Melynda, and Trevor and Amelia, Jon, and Emma came too!

Here is Alan trying to hold Emma and Jackson. Emma is tasting one of the coins that goes to Jackson's piggy bank. Mmm.

LOVE Emma's face in this one!!

Alan holding Trevor. Holding Trevor really made us realize that Jackson isn't a baby anymore!

Cory and cute.

Jon, Amelia, Emma, (and Baby #2)!! So exciting! =)

Sweet little Trevor in his bouncer chair.

As soon as Trevor got picked up, Jackson insisted on laying in the chair. He still thinks he's a baby.

Um...look at Jackson and Emma's eyes. How obvious is it that they are made for each other!?

The Mommies and the babies.

The Daddies and the babies.

Granny and Papa's House...

Next we were off to Alan's Grandparent's house for another Christmas. It's always one of my favorite places to be. =)

Here is Great-Granny reading a new book to Jackson while Great-Papa looks on.

Jackson with his Auntie Megan and with Sandy. He's mad cause he can't get the paper off fast enough.

And another book. He got a LOT of books! =)

Jackson checking out his new shoes.

I love them.

More Christmas...

Okay, finally updating my pics again. Unfortunately a lot of the pics with my new camera that were taken by other people ended up pretty blurry because the setting was on manual rather than on automatic.
After we left my parent's house for Christmas, we headed to Alan's parents house. We had a great Christmas there. Jackson almost immediately noticed a Christmas package under the tree that had wheels and a handle exposed. He ripped into it and discovered this:

It was a mini Radio Flyer wagon. He likes to pull his toys around and is frequently trying to stand on it.

Snuggling with Nana.

Megan and Sandy.

Sandy and his new books.

Alan opening his Croc slippers.

Debbie opening her Croc slippers.

Me opening my Croc slippers. While I've never been a Crocs girl, I love my slippers and wear them daily so I'm a lot more excited than I look. =)

Us and our presents! Jackson was upstairs napping. =)
Now off to Granny and Papa's house....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas time...

We spent Christmas with my family and it was wonderful! We were able to spend about 5 days with each side of the family since Alan gets a Christmas break now and we loved every minute of it. It was fun to catch up with old friends, drink wassail together, play cards, have happy hours, laugh, go to the candlelight service at my parent's church, and just to enjoy the magic of Christmas. =) Having a baby at Christmas made it magical again, too! Watching Jackson wander around the house and point at "Thanta" (Santa) and admire the Christmas trees and open and play with his presents was so much fun! Here are a ton of pictures of Christmas and this is only the first half our our Christmas trip!
Becky and Liz opening stockings while Jackson "helps".
Becky so loves her movies...Jackson is unimpressed.
Annie and Danny.
Jackson wanting to know when he'll finally get to open his stocking and making his pouty face.

Finally opened his stocking and hugging his tiger and panther.
Talking on his new cell.
Looking for more stuff.

He HATES this lizard.
Jackson sitting in his huge pile of presents.
Investigating Rex's teeth (thanks Auntie Annie).
Jackson's cute new socks (Thanks Great Auntie Lisa).
Jackson opening his favorite Christmas present.
OH! It's a REALLY loud hammering toy. Thanks Gigi and G-pa. ;)
Danny opening his present from Becky. A frog puppet with money inside.
Alan and Jackson playing with another cool present.
Annie, Mom, and Becky digging into a gift basket.
Dad and his camera.
Lizzy Lou.
Jackson with my mom (his Gigi).
Christmas 2007 family picture.

And THIS is Jackson's expression when we say "Make your Daddy face!".