Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things I don't want to Forget.

From November

Sometimes it's easy to daydream about when my boys get older. Sleeping 8 hours uninterrupted if I choose. No diapers. Independent nose wipers. Things like that.
But there are other times when I want to freeze time. When I'm snuggling with Jackson and reading him books before he goes to sleep and he gives me that sweet smile that melts my heart. When I'm rocking Chase in the middle of the night and he smiles up at me looking through his sleepy eyes.

From November
I want to remember Jackson’s slightly chubby arms wrapped around my neck when he gives me hugs. How every night he asks me to rest with him and giggles like crazy when I snuggle next to him for a few minutes talking about our day and making up stories for each other. The way he tilts his head to the side and asks quite seriously “How you doing, Mom?” The way he pats my shoulder when he can tell I’m grumpy or sad and says “It’s okay, Mom. I’ll take care of you.” How often he says "I love you."
From November

The way he asks to be wrapped up in his towel 'like a baby' after his baths even though he insists he’s a ‘big boy’ the rest of the time. The way he tickles Chase and they laugh together. I know that before too long he won't ask me in the middle of the mall "can I have a hug, mom?" like he did today. I know that he won't stop me in the canned foods aisle at the grocery store and pat my hand and say "I love you sooooo much."

From November
I want to remember Chase’s sweet gummy smiles that will be turning into toothy smiles so soon. The way he watches me while he eats with his big, beautiful eyes and his long lashes. How he’ll pull back and just smile at me adoringly. The way his eyes follow Jackson and how quick he is to smile as soon as Jackson smiles. How he cranes his neck all around the room when he hears Jackson’s voice.
From November

His INCREDIBLE laugh. The way he sometimes snuggles into my shoulder or my chest when he’s really sleepy and sighs. The peace he emits when he’s falling asleep and his eyes close ever so slowly with longer and longer blinks. The way he slaps his arm up and down smacking my arm when I’m trying to sleep and he wants me to wake up. It’s his ‘pay attention to me!’ slap.

From November

So I want to remember, cherish, and hold on to these moments as they pass because I know there will be good and bad with each stage of life. And there is so much good right now. I don't want to be one of those people who dwells on the past and talks about how much I miss the baby stage. I want to enjoy my boys every day. Even when Jackson makes his favorite 'mean face'.
From November
Even when there are diapers to change. Even when there are fights. Even when they are teenagers. Oh please,do not let them act like I did as a teenager. =)
Thank you, God for every day you give me with these precious boys.

Fall is Here!

From November

It's FALL in Virginia! This season is stunning. The mountains become rainbows of colors as the trees shift to crimsons, gold, orange, etc. I always find fall a little bittersweet. It means Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It means the possibility of snow days with my husband. But it also means winter and everything that entails. Brr. I just shivered thinking of it even though today was 75 and sunny. We've been taking lots of long walks now that the mosquitoes have met their fate (YES- score one point for fall!)
From November

Jackson loves running through the leaves and jumping into big piles of them and throwing them at people.
From November

Alan has started doing "night walks" with Jackson. Since it gets dark now at 5:30 (BOO. -1 point from Fall) the after dinner walks involve flashlights. They go out on their adventures and Jackson thinks this is the coolest idea ever. We live in a relatively safe neighborhood. Good schools, the majority of the houses are kept up well, typical middle class neighborhood. I have noticed that on both of my running/walking routes there is at least one building with some not so pleasant "BLOOD" graffiti. Yep, as in the gang. I always carry pepper spray no matter where I am (except for the airport- they took mine away last time I brought it there). My neighbor down the street had her car stolen from her parking space which is pretty much in her back yard a couple nights ago. She had left her keys in her diaper bag and someone thought they hit the jackpot. Fortunately her husband was able to recover it soon after. So needless to say, I always tell Alan to be careful on his night walks. I also ask him to bring my pepper spray since bringing my .22 pistol isn't the best idea with a toddler in tow.
Tonight he came home and I asked him if he saw any gangs.
He said no, but he did see a guy with a giant gun get out of his truck and walk towards them.
I laughed.
He said no, seriously.
I said what the heck?
He said the dude was all in camo (it's the first day of hunting here) and he turned the corner and went into his house before he got really close to Alan and Jackson.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jackson's Latest Tricks...

These are some of Jackson's new party tricks on display. ;-)
Here he is being 'interviewed' and singing (a short version of) the song "Hit the Road Jack" which he thinks was written for him. Much like I though Carly Simon wrote "You're so Vain" for me when I was growing up because my mom told me it was. What? I loved mirrors. And yes, that is his incredible falsetto he is using while singing "What you say?" at the end.

This is Jackson reciting the books of the Old Testament that he's been learning at preschool. Last week I picked him up from preschool and saw on his daily report that he knew the books of the bible through Ezra. I couldn't imagine he actually did since I didn't even know he had been learning them but I asked him and sure enough, he recited them perfectly. He asked me to help him with what came next when he got to Ezra and I had no idea. My husband thought that was hilarious. I guess those of us educated in public schools somehow missed the memorizing the OT unit. I know my New Testament! =)

And we conclude with Jackson singing the song, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus." I didn't know he knew this song either until one day he was sitting next to me playing cars and singing this song. I love the way he sings the word 'follow'. Melts my heart.