Monday, December 17, 2007

I'll Be Home for Christmas...

I'm heading up to be with my family for Christmas on Wednesday and I'll be getting my NEW camera then! Finally! Now if I can just keep this one from falling in a pool. ;-) We're heading down to Roanoke after that to be with Alan's family for awhile, too. Hopefully I'll figure out my new camera quickly so I can post regularly again. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas and really gets to enjoy this magical time of year with their families. I'm so thankful that Jesus was born and that we get to celebrate that every year. Here is my favorite family picture from the year. This is a repeat pic, but I think it really captures our family.

Merry Christmas from the Janney family!

Playing with Papa J in the leaves...

These are some pics that Auntie Megan took of Jackson playing in the leaves with his Papa J. This was Jackson's first time riding in a wheelbarrow and I heard he really enjoyed it. =)

Too many pictures...

My computer is running really slow because I have too many videos and pictures on it so I haven't posted in a long time because it takes so long. So, I have a lot of catching up to do!
Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving:
We started off the day going to Granny and Papa's and stayed until late that night. It was a wonderful, loud, and fun time. We now have two toddlers and two babies there which was a lot of fun.
Jackson at Granny and Papa's on Thanksgiving Day with Wade Phillips watching in the background. Go Cowboys! =)
Cousin Sharla pretending to be a baby and sleeping in Granny's cradle.
Auntie Megan reading to Jackson.
This is Sandy (Megan's boyfriend) and Jackson. Jackson has been making this face a lot lately.
Later, we met up with the other Janney family and celebrated Thanksgiving again! Tanyon is a year old and he and Jackson were very interested in one another.
Jackson and his cousin Tanyon hanging out.
A close up of Tanyon- he's so cute!
Alan's Uncle Ted and Aunt Barb- they are so nice!
Cousin Kristin and her boyfriend, Patrick.
Cousin Jessica and Tanyon.
Nana and Jackson playing with the camera.
Auntie Megan, Sandy, and Riley (the dog!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jackson's Bad Habit...

This is an e-mail Alan sent out the other night...

I just put Jack to bed and returned to clean out our trash can.
Jack threw the following things away tonight:

5 wooden blocks
1 letter H block
1 blue plastic building block
1 Sarah's hair brush
1 candle
1 clean diaper
1 pair of hugging santa bears
1 clean paper towel
1 set of toy bananas
1 baby hat
1 toy airplane
1 small box
1 Dr. Seuss book
1 baby fork
1 pen
4 nativity figurines
baby Jesus

for a grand total of 23 things he threw away one at a time.

He also threw his shoe into his bath tonight after I toweled him off and before I pulled the drain.
Silver lining: He's a neat baby that can't stand clutter and likes to organize.
Down-side: He threw away Jesus.