Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinner Date...

We got to catch up with a TON of friends this weekend! I got to see my sister and lots of Young Life friends, got to have a Panera date with Stephanie (YAY Panera!! Oh, and YAY Stephanie!), we got to see Cory and Melynda and meet Baby Trevor, and on the way out of town, we met Amelia and Jon and Baby Emma for a dinner date. For people who haven't been reading my blog, or for some strange reason don't decide to memorize my posts, these are a catch up on Jackson and Emma's previous dates, the development of their relationship, and their betrothal.

So, we got there and set up their high chairs next to each other (just in case they wanted an "accidental" hand brush). That was where the romance ended.

Here they are. Emma is being adorable and photogenic, and Jackson...is stuffing his face full of hamburger.

Emma asking why Jackson won't share even a little bit of his hamburger.
Amelia and I with our babies.

Visiting Floyd

We went to visit Alan's grandparents, Jackson's great grandparents, and my only local grandparents for the last 9 years since I've met them. When we first got there, Debbie (Nana) took Jackson in to wake Papa up from a nap and this is the way they came out of the bedroom:
Jackson's new favorite toy, the walker, was established for the day.
Jackson and Papa discussing their day.
Granny pushing him around.
Alan and his Papa talking. Jackson had been playing with the teddy bear. Alan doesn't usually hold teddy bears around the house. =)
Nana and Jackson.
Great Granny and Great Papa saying goodbye (but only til Thanksgiving!).


I hadn't put my pics on my computer for a while, so this group of pics aren't connected to one another.
Backyard exploring:

(turtle Jackson chased around the yard).
(the way he looks running...waving his arms and yelling).

Just Jackson.
Jackson playing Halo. This is what goes on while I'm gone and Alan babysits.

Jackson and his favorite Uncle (Uncle Danny) outside of the Smoking Pig.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Jackson and I went home to my parent's neighborhood to trick or treat for Halloween. We stopped by Richmond and had lunch at The Smokin' Pig with Anne and Danny which was a lot of fun! It's cute cause Jackson definitely recognizes my family now and gets so excited when he sees them. We stopped by and saw my Dad's new office on the way home which Jackson thought was pretty cool. We got home and my mom had made fresh baked cookies which Jackson thought was even cooler. He's a little cookie monster. We went trick or treating and my Dad took him to the neighbor's houses. Jackson liked ringing the doorbells more than anything else. When we got home, he thought the candy was a lot of fun to dump out of his bag and then put it back in. He never discovered it was edible so we kept it that way. =) Mom and I went out to lunch at On the Border and then spent a whole day shopping at good ole' Potomac Mills which was a lot of fun! Dad and Jackson spent the day together going to lunch at McDonald's and then hiking at Prince William Park. Becky worked on a lot of college essays and dressed up as a Burrito for Halloween to get a free burrito from Chipotle. I wish I had a pic cause it was hilarious! It was a wonderful visit home (as always) and I wish it could've been longer. =) I didn't manage to take any pics except the ones my Dad asked me to take!

Jackson and his G-pa about to go trick or treating! Dad was unimpressed with my photograph skills. However, all I could see through the viewfinder was the jack-o-lantern!

Jackson and I.

G-Pa making Jackson laugh.

The pumpkin G-pa carved for Jackson (which looks a lot like Jackson when Jackson is smiling).

Us again.

No flash...spooky!

A VERY Happy Halloween! =)