Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jackson's Bad Habit...

This is an e-mail Alan sent out the other night...

I just put Jack to bed and returned to clean out our trash can.
Jack threw the following things away tonight:

5 wooden blocks
1 letter H block
1 blue plastic building block
1 Sarah's hair brush
1 candle
1 clean diaper
1 pair of hugging santa bears
1 clean paper towel
1 set of toy bananas
1 baby hat
1 toy airplane
1 small box
1 Dr. Seuss book
1 baby fork
1 pen
4 nativity figurines
baby Jesus

for a grand total of 23 things he threw away one at a time.

He also threw his shoe into his bath tonight after I toweled him off and before I pulled the drain.
Silver lining: He's a neat baby that can't stand clutter and likes to organize.
Down-side: He threw away Jesus.

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