Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Visting Alan at Work...

We had never seen Alan's school before so we decided to go by and visit him on a teacher's work day when we met him for lunch. The high school he works at is beautiful. It's huge and it's spread out into several campuses but the original building is very picturesque! Jackson was in awe of the whole experience. I think it's fun for him to be able to picture in his head where Alan goes to work everyday.
I decided to put Chase in his bear suit. Alan has mentioned that some of his fellow teachers are more dog people than they are kid people. I figured this way I could trick the animal lovers into liking Chase and the baby lovers would just think he looked extra cuddly. It totally worked, I think. =)
From sept/oct

Jackson checked out some of the reading material. He thinks Ray Bradbury is overrated (much like his mother does).
From sept/oct

Chase was in a great mood the whole time. He was smiling and cooing and saying Dadadadada- his latest trick. I think he was excited to see Alan in the middle of the day!
From sept/oct

Here are my three boys together.
From sept/oct

I think Jackson wants to be a teacher. He made me sit at a desk and he handed me a piece of paper and a pencil and told me not to write on my desk. Then he decided to draw on the white board and told me to draw the same thing and spent the next 5 minutes telling me how I didn't do it right. Sigh. School is hard. =)


piersonam said...

I loooooove these pics! My favorite is of all three of your boys together. Chase is getting so big!! Jackson will be a wooonderful teacher just like Dad and Mom! :)

Jay said...

so cute! Your boys are just too cute for words :)

Anonymous said...

love mo

Sarah Lemn said...

They are so cute! I love that Jackson looks like he is dressed to match Dad! :) Such sweet boys.

Alan said...

Who is Mo?