Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walkin on the streets of D.C...

It's been a year or two since I've been to Washington D.C.. I think growing up so close to the capitol (my parents live about 25 minutes south of D.C.) kind of spoiled me back then. 
 Picture taken by my Dad (nice one!).
I just never really saw D.C. as a big deal. I enjoyed going there usually, but we used to go a LOT when company would come into town. Going back now and seeing D.C. again and explaining the White House, the Capitol, the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. to Jackson made it special again. We went on a gorgeous spring day. My mom and Dad had both taken the day off of work (because they love us so) and we had a wonderful day. 
Chase (saying heyyyyy), Jackson, and my mom (Gigi...or Geeg as Jackson calls her because they are tight like that.)
Unfortunately, everyone else in the world also decided to go that day. The Mall was packed! In fact, the President even made an appearance. He and his family were coming home from President Obama throwing the first pitch at the Nationals Game.
Presidential motorcade.
 I was so caught up in it all that I wasn't paying very close attention to the sidewalk in front of me and there was a SUPER uneven part that I hit which caused Chase to slam forward into the front of the stroller resulting in...his first black eye. So sad! Mr. President, when you read my blog (as I'm sure you often do), I'd like to request that you fix the sidewalks in D.C. Kay, thanks? 

Jackson got to do something I have always wanted to do. I mean, if I was a kid. Or if people wouldn't look at me like I was a freak for doing it now... ride the Carousel on the mall!
Jackson and my Dad (Gpa)
   Seriously, this Carousel is right in front of the Smithsonian castle and is pretty cool. It's also surprisingly fast. At least that's what it seemed like the little 7 year old boy behind Jackson thought since he bawled the whole time. 

Chase and Gigi watched the Carousel and Chase thought it was hilarious.

Then it was snack time because Jackson knew I had packed some of my mom's homemade banana blueberry bread for a snack and he couldn't stop himself from bringing it up every 3 minutes or so. 
 "Oh my GOSH! I can't believe how good this bread is!" 

Then we got my Dad to take a family pic of the four of us which is quite the daunting task these days (please refer to my Easter picture post a few back). He made a valiant attempt and we got this...winner.


Alan said...

First one to comment on this lovely post!! Woohoo! What do I win?

piersonam said...

That looked like a really pretty day!! Jackson and Chase both did an awesome job being photogenic! I love your family photo... total framer. :) Mom and Dad are pretty much the cutest grandparents in the whoooole world.

Tanya said...

I can totally relate to the family pic! Hilarious!

sarashley said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture made me laugh. Jackson is so GQ!!!

Ken, Brandi and Skylar said...

Hmmm, seems to me that both the boys were ready for the picture... not sure what message you and Alan got though. ;) Too cute!

Marianne B Dean said...

LOVE the photo at the end. FRAMER!! ;)

Crystal said...

you know i follow your blog. i agree about DC we are spoiled for living so is always weird to me to hear that someone has never been. :)

Anna said...

What fun! Looks like a wonderful time. I like the family picture, too. ;)

Simply Sara said...

Haha... totally laughed at that last picture. I think "perfect" family pictures are a myth :)

And banana blueberry bread- sounds heavenly. I'd be bringing it up every three minutes too!

Rebecca said...

has obama commented yet? did he apologize to chase?

i bet if he commented mom and dad would stop reading your blog altogether.

Love you sisterrr!!