Sunday, October 21, 2007

May the Force be with you...

Jackson is going as Yoda this Halloween. I saw this Yoda costume advertised last year and I knew Jackson was too little to go trick or treating then so I knew it would be the one I got this year. I searched for it and found it on Ebay and I love it! We're going to my parents house for Halloween this year which will be fun because we know most of the neighbors. I wouldn't be surprised if my Dad wanted to walk around with Jackson but I think he should get a Han Solo or Chewbacca costume if he does. =) The great thing about my parent's neighborhood is that they give away full size candy bars and candy (not the typical snack size) which is nice for me and Alan! ;-)

This one is my favorite!

This one cracks me up because it really looks like Yoda is waddling around our yard. I was totally laughing up taking these pics.

I haven't been able to teach him to speak in a Yoda voice yet, but we're still working on it.

It's surprisingly hard to fit his whole body (ears included) into the pictures because he moves so fast!

I just like the trees in the background. This time of year is so pretty.

This one is Alan's favorite. His expression is so funny, I think.

And there he is really getting into eating that apple.

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Cory said...

"Give me candy you will." Use plenty of Jedi mind tricks to maximize your candy collection.

That outfit is AWESOME. If I saw him on the street I'd give him every piece of candy I had.