Monday, October 22, 2007

Jackson's new best friend...

Our very good friends the Bonhams gave birth to Trevor last week!! He's absolutely adorable and Alan and I can't wait to meet him!! Alan and Cory have been best friends since middle school. In fact, at some point I'm gonna get a hold of this video I saw that they made in the height of the awkward middle school years where they are acting like secret spies and upload it to You Tube for all the world to see. Mwahahaha. But that's another story! ;-) Melynda was such a cute pregnant girl and came to the guy's 10 year class reunion one WEEK before her due date. I don't know if ya'll have been or remember being pregnant, but I'd sworn off large groups of people one MONTH before my due date! =) She's awesome. These two are going to be AMAZING parents!!
Here are the ADORABLE Bonhams with their new addition!

Handsome, little Trevor all snuggled up.

Going home from the hospital! He looks smart already like his architect Dad and his teacher Mom!
Trevor will inevitably be Jackson's best friend. Cory and Alan's other best friend, Jon, has a daughter (Emma- 10 months) who has been on several successful dates with Jackson. We'll just have to see how Trevor coming into the situation affects all that. Will Emma be interested in younger men? I hope not. It could really hurt Jackson and Trevor's friendship. =)

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