Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinner Date...

We got to catch up with a TON of friends this weekend! I got to see my sister and lots of Young Life friends, got to have a Panera date with Stephanie (YAY Panera!! Oh, and YAY Stephanie!), we got to see Cory and Melynda and meet Baby Trevor, and on the way out of town, we met Amelia and Jon and Baby Emma for a dinner date. For people who haven't been reading my blog, or for some strange reason don't decide to memorize my posts, these are a catch up on Jackson and Emma's previous dates, the development of their relationship, and their betrothal.

So, we got there and set up their high chairs next to each other (just in case they wanted an "accidental" hand brush). That was where the romance ended.

Here they are. Emma is being adorable and photogenic, and Jackson...is stuffing his face full of hamburger.

Emma asking why Jackson won't share even a little bit of his hamburger.
Amelia and I with our babies.

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