Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some of our favorites...

Alan, Jackson, and I got together with some of our favorite friends! We went over to see Cory, Melynda, and Trevor and Amelia, Jon, and Emma came too!

Here is Alan trying to hold Emma and Jackson. Emma is tasting one of the coins that goes to Jackson's piggy bank. Mmm.

LOVE Emma's face in this one!!

Alan holding Trevor. Holding Trevor really made us realize that Jackson isn't a baby anymore!

Cory and cute.

Jon, Amelia, Emma, (and Baby #2)!! So exciting! =)

Sweet little Trevor in his bouncer chair.

As soon as Trevor got picked up, Jackson insisted on laying in the chair. He still thinks he's a baby.

Um...look at Jackson and Emma's eyes. How obvious is it that they are made for each other!?

The Mommies and the babies.

The Daddies and the babies.

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