Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Christmas...

Okay, finally updating my pics again. Unfortunately a lot of the pics with my new camera that were taken by other people ended up pretty blurry because the setting was on manual rather than on automatic.
After we left my parent's house for Christmas, we headed to Alan's parents house. We had a great Christmas there. Jackson almost immediately noticed a Christmas package under the tree that had wheels and a handle exposed. He ripped into it and discovered this:

It was a mini Radio Flyer wagon. He likes to pull his toys around and is frequently trying to stand on it.

Snuggling with Nana.

Megan and Sandy.

Sandy and his new books.

Alan opening his Croc slippers.

Debbie opening her Croc slippers.

Me opening my Croc slippers. While I've never been a Crocs girl, I love my slippers and wear them daily so I'm a lot more excited than I look. =)

Us and our presents! Jackson was upstairs napping. =)
Now off to Granny and Papa's house....

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