Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catching up...

I'm so bad about being a consistent blogger. It'll probably be easier once summer is here cause I'll have Alan home to help out with Jackson!! YAY for being a teacher's wife! ;-)
Here's a few catch up photos:

Just a Jackson up close shot that I love.

This is Jackson's 3rd cousin Sharla dancing with him. She kept telling Jackson that they needed to go get married. I'm personally opposed to this idea.

Here's Jackson at the park near our house riding the "hosey."

Here he is waving good-bye and looking like such a little man.

And here he is swinging on the big boy swing. He hates the baby swing which is unfortunate because he falls backwards off of this swing more often than not. Oh well!
Coming up next in future blogs: Katie and Caleb's trip to visit us, pics from the 5k I ran in D.C. this last weekend, and pics from the Janney's last visit down. Get excited! ;-)

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