Thursday, May 15, 2008

Katie and Caleb's visit...

One of my best friends, Katie came down to stay with us for the weekend and she brought her adorable 11 month old son, Caleb. Jackson was very interested in Caleb and for the most part did really well with him. There were a few times when I had Caleb in my lap that Jackson would get jealous and try to use his bum to push Caleb off and sit on my lap himself. ;-) Katie and I had a blast together like we always do and I wish so badly they lived closer. =( But we'll see each other a lot this summer while I'm in NoVa.

This is Caleb in Jackson's wagon.

This is Jackson crying because he hadn't had a nap and Caleb looking at his mom like "what's with this kid?"

Katie and Caleb at lunch. We went to "The Twisted Fork" and ate on their patio and it was such a gorgeous day.

Jackson playing with the "Thomas the Tank Engine" set at Barnes and Noble. He has spent HOURS on this thing. He throws a hissy fit every time we leave.

The boys playing together.

My favorite. You can tell Jackson likes Caleb! =)

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