Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time goes by so slowly...

I've discovered that being a stay at home mom to two has made time stand still. It really should be Saturday today rather than Wednesday. Alan went back to work on Monday and it was much harder than I expected having the two boys to myself. Jackson is needier than usual and wants to be held all the time and Chase nurses around the clock, it seems like, and I'd totally forgotten how many diapers newborns go through!! That being said, there have been some really special moments watching the boys bond. Chase's eyes often follow Jackson around the room and Jackson daily tells Chase that he loves him and gives him kisses with out any prompting from us. I love snuggling with Chase and he enjoys being snuggled. He's starting to surprise us with smiles now and then, which are the greatest. I also really cherish the alone time I get with Jackson. Sometimes it's snuggling up at bed time to read books together or catching up during his bath time. He tells me he loves me a lot more than usual lately. He told me, "Mommy, you so cute!" today. Oh, and he also told me, "Mommy- you MEAN!" today for the first time. Hm. I may have been a little irritable this morning. I've also been amazed by the kindness of friends and family this first week on my own. My mother in law has been wonderful about taking Jackson places and making him feel special. I have two friends that are both pregnant themselves with young children who have made me meals. One of those same moms had Jackson over to play this morning which was so nice for both Jackson and I. I feel both humbled and loved by their kindness. =)
And now the fun part! More pictures:
From chase

Jackson a little bit nervous about holding Chase.
From chase

Wait, he's got it! Sort of...
From chase

Chase pondering life at 8 days old.
From chase

My sleepy snuggle bug at 10 days old.
From chase

Just checking things out. He loves his Boppy.


Brenda said...

Oh my Jackson looks so big next to little baby bro! I'm glad you've got friends and family to take care of you girl - wish we were closer, Mallory and Jackson would have such fun together...if you could drag her away from baby Chase!

Jill Brochard said...

Awww -- those newborn stages are so sweet -- love seeing the brotherly love too. Sorry I haven't give much blog love late -- life is just getting a little over whelming.

Jay said...

Wow, too cute! I often wonder what going to 2 kids will be like, you are giving me a good idea. ;) I can't wait, hee.

piersonam said...

I love hearing about Jackson's comments... he cracks me up! :) Also, I think it's going to be a lot of fun having pics of Chase and Luke and Jackson in the same clothes. Chase is very photogenic like his brother. :) xoxoxoxo

Amy said...

OK, I suck, and didn't even know about this blog! I am adding it to my google reader right now!!

I love these pictures- Jackson is so big it makes me sad to think he used to be as small as baby Chase!!

Anna said...

They're so cute together! I can reassure you that Jackson will get adjusted. It just takes a little time. it's great that he's giving hugs and kisses and snuggling chase. too cute!