Friday, May 29, 2009

More of Chase...

So life goes on...and it's really good. Tonight we were sitting at the table eating dinner (an AWESOME casserole courtesy of Anne- THANKS =)) while Chase was in the swing next to the table and it just felt so normal and right. Jackson was excellent with Chase today. He talked to him and gave him kisses and would frequently check on him and ask "What's baby Chase doing?" "Where's baby Chase?", etc. Here are a few more pics of Chase. He may be dominating my blog for awhile. ;-)
From Spring 2009

Cuddle bug.
From Spring 2009

Trying out his paci. I still can't believe he has so much hair! Unheard of in our family.
From Spring 2009

So serious.
From Spring 2009

Looking a lot like Jackson did at this age.


Jill Brochard said...

So handsome!! Glad things are sliding right into place!

♥ LyNnE ♥ said...

look how cute he is! It took me some getting used to having 2, but after 2 everything just fits :)

Ken, Brandi and Skylar said...

He is soo cute!! I love his little face!

Brenda said...

What a handsome little guy you've got there! I totally see Jackson in him - especially the third pic!