Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 months...

Oh, Chase. You have been pretty much a perfect baby. You are snuggly, sweet, easy-going, a good sleeper (in general), a good...er...maybe passionate is a better word, eater. You smile and laugh frequently. You have been such a wonderful addition to our family for the last 9 months.
From Feb/March

You love to flirt with people by pretending to be shy and hiding you head and then craning your neck around to give them a big smile. You are a huge hit with the senior citizen crowd on Senior discount Tuesdays at Kroger. It makes for long shopping trips since they usually insist on holding a conversation solely with you...and you don't talk.

You are silly and you are a little clumsy. Well, you are actually a LOT clumsy. You face plant at least once a day while crawling and now that you are pulling up unto things, you constantly have some type of bump or bruise on you. You always recover quickly and then usually do the same thing that you just got hurt doing.
From Feb/March

You ADORE your brother. You follow him around. You try to eat his food (and succeed sometimes- you took a big bite out of Jackson's blueberry muffin the other day much to his horror). You play with his toys (he's less than thrilled that you chew on all of his cars, but I think it's endearing). You two hold hands in the car on road trips and laugh together as Jackson plays peek-a-boo with you.
From Feb/March

From Feb/March

You are becoming quite the mover. If you see something you want, you get there FAST! For a long time you were content sitting in one spot playing with toys but now you are constantly finding new things to look at and explore. You love pulling all the DVDs out of the entertainment center and chewing on them.
From Feb/March

And you have a laugh that could melt any heart (sorry, it's sideways):


Stacey said...

What a cutie! He has a face you just wanna kiss!

piersonam said...

wait... you have another son?? JK!!! He's not neglected like I was. hahaha JK...again. I love all of the pictures. They make me smile big time!! give Chasey a kiss from Auntie Annie