Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Spring Break...

Life is CRAZY busy right now! I realized at the end of April that every single weekend in May was already booked with one thing or another. All very fun things like dinner parties, graduation parties, birthday parties, cook-outs, etc. So, needless to say, my blogging has suffered. It's better that my blog life suffer rather than my social life, I guess. =)
Here are some more pics from our trip up to NoVa. I will try to be better about taking pictures and documenting all the fun things going on in my life!
Jackson and Chase waiting for breakfast being served by Gigi. I'm not sure there are many words better than "I'll take them! You go back to bed and get some more sleep." Love it.

The water was cold, but the day was hot, so West Beach was pretty much perfection.

Could my nephew BE any cuter!? Love that Lukey.

The face of contentment. =)

Chase contemplating how much sand to eat.


Annie with Chase and Lukey.

Chase getting ready to watch some putt-putt (please note his black eye- see last post).

Dad teaching Jackson how to golf. Alan and I stayed home and were pretty sure putt-putt was going to be a disaster. Turns out, Jackson got TWO hole in ones! He's a natural apparently.

 At the driving range where my parents said he got in some rather impressive shots which means he is better than his mom at the driving range. I usually make contact with the ball  every third time I try to hit. He's a Tiger Woods in the making. Er...but not a total skeaze like Tiger.

More pictures to come of more recent events once I take more pictures... =)


Kristen said...

These pics are great! Your boys are so handsome!

Spring Break said...

Gorgeous blog but mother of the boys is also very beautiful.

Spring Break said...

Gorgeous blog but mother of the boys is also very beautiful.

piersonam said...

that was a really fun day at the beach!! we need to do that a lot this summer. also, the pool will be fun! :)

Michelle said...

Jackson and Chase are adorable!!