Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chase Andrew is ONE!

My sweet baby boy, Chase Andrew turned one on May 25th. I feel like I should say that I don't know where that year went and how I can't believe he is one. But most days I feel like the year lasted just the right amount of time and I know know exactly where it went. It was a wonderful and full year. We jokingly call him Neglected Number Two sometimes, but he is anything but. He has been cherished and enjoyed by us all.

We had the snuggly and (sometimes) sleepy newborn stage just long enough.

Then the alert, smiling, cooing stage for just the right amount of time. 
From August
Then he discovered he had toes and fingers and was fascinated by those for awhile.
From sept/oct

He realized that his brother was his best friend and I hope that's a stage that never ends. 

He learned to crawl and to explore his world and which has been exciting to watch.

Now Chase is at the adorable stage where he talks and laughs and imitates and purposefully snuggles and gives out kisses and so much more. 

Looking forward to every stage and every day with my wonderful, one year old. 
From Summer 2010


piersonam said...

Ooooooh Chasey!! He melts my heart! I wish Luke got to hang out with him more often... because that would mean we would get to toooo. Happy Birthday sweet nephew!!!

SarahRachel said...

Never fear Anne. They will be BFF. Just like us. Mwah.

Jay said...

awwwwwwwwwww! I know, I look at Xander and he is growing up so fast. Sniff. So sweet, I remember you posting newborn pics, what a beautiful boy!

The Bozeman's said...

Hey girl---I cant believe he is one!!!!!!!! YOur BOYS are SOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!It funny --we havent seen eachother in years--and it feels like yesterday when I read you blog!!!!:)

A, E, e, a said...

He is precious and sweet and I think Chase and Ainsley would be great little arranged marriage someday! He can handle an older woman, right!?! -Erica

Stacey said...

He sure is a cutie! It's bittersweet when they leave the infant stage.

Simply Sara said...

awww what a sweet post!
you are such a good mama.
happy belated birthday to your big boy :)