Friday, July 23, 2010

Chase's Birthday Party...

Here is a brief glimpse of Chase's party and guests. He had so much fun being the center of attention (those moments are a little hard to come by when you're the second child).
The very happy birthday boy riding his new present!

Awkward picture of Alan and I displaying the decorations!

Papa, Nana, and Chasey.
My fabulous Mom and I!     
My sister Anne and my adorable nephew, Luke.      
Chase's Nana and his Gigi sitting at the kid's table. =)
Chase demanding his cake!
"Look at my cake!"
He finished every bite. =)

 And now a run down of the guest list: 
Auntie Annie and baby Chase. 
Auntie Megan
Auntie Liz
Auntie Becky.
Great Granny 

Last, but not least, his brother Jackson (showing off his new FBI action set because he wants to be an agent someday like his Gpa).
It was a really special day and Chase had a blast. We decided just to invite family this year because I remember Jackson (who was very social) being somewhat overwhelmed on his first birthday and also because even "just family" adds up!

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piersonam said...

That was such a fun birthday party!! My favorite part was watching Chase's cake disappear in 5 seconds flat. :) And how sweet is he smiling through that entire photo shoot with every person?? Also, Jackson was hilarious with his badge and handcuffs <3 <3 <3