Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back from Lake Champion...

Sorry I didn't keep up on my blogging while I was at Lake Champion, but my camera ended up in the pool when the wind blew my jogging stroller into the pool. Booo. So, I don't have as many pictures as I wanted to. The good news is that Jackson wasn't in the stroller when it blew into the pool. Here's a few from the month we were gone:

A family picture. Alan decided family picture time was an awesome time to make weird faces.


We love our baby.

Liz took enough pictures that I gave into the weird faces, too.

Auntie Liz, Jackson, and I. She worked her magic in the Moose Lodge while we were there. You should ask Liz how many pieces of french toast and sausage she can eat. It's impressive.

This is Liz and her friend, Michael. In the background you can see the bad, evil pool that killed my camera. Actually, I really enjoyed the pool and so did Jackson! =)

The Lake after a rain storm. I miss it so much! I could see the lake from our bedroom window!

Liz pondering the beauty of it all. =)

Jackson's preferred mode of transportation.

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