Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our picnic at the park...

*Thanks to my dad for providing me with a loaner camera until we get a new one!*
We love our local park and one of our favvorite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon is having a picnic there! Wanna see what it's like? I thought so, cause it's REALLY exciting! ;-)

First we ate on this blanket. Then Alan decided he wanted to nap but Jackson wasn't interested in that.

Here's Jackson waiting to play.

And there he is telling me that he won't let me take photos that close.

He wanted his Dad to hold him like this.

He also wanted to climb this tree, but Alan wouldn't let him.

Then we went swinging.

He loves that.

Then he acted like a monkey.

Then we decided to go down to see the river and he hitched a ride on his dad.


Here he's getting ready to pull a Mike Tyson on Evander Holyfield. Don't bite ears!

Off to the river.

Almost there.

So pretty!

Jackson crawling away on all fours cause he hates the feel of grass.
The end! =)

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