Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Lake Champion!

Here are some of the AMAZING people we got to know:

Here's Jackson with two of his new best friends, Tanner and Jesse on rodeo night!

Here he is with his girlfriend, Melissa. He had quite a few girlfriends that month. We're trying to help him work through his commitment issues.

Here's the fam on rodeo night.

Melissa, Michelle, and I. I miss them!

I so love these ladies. Me,Tracey,Melissa, and Mary at the county fair!

All the kids and I at the hoe down!

Jackson and I on 50's night. Please notice that his tat says "Mom". Totally his idea.

Liz and I.

The fam.

Alan, Steve Rawls, and the Slater twins (Ange and Jenn) on the night of the opera!
And I have a bunch more that I took on Liz's camera after mine died and I'll post those some other time !

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