Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Family of Four...

From Spring 2009

This picture is the result of everyone calling out things like "Smile!" "No, not like that." "Smile with your teeth!" Alan was about as bad as Jackson. My Dad said we're carrying on the family tradition of taking ridiculously difficult family pictures.
We're a family of four now! That seems so much bigger than a family of three. When people win family trips to Disney World, it's usually for "a family of four". It definitely means that we're going to be busier! Chase was AWESOME last night and today! I ended up getting about 6 hours of sleep all together which was more than I was hoping for. He is sleeping great and eating great and is just a sweet child so far (all two days I've known him). Jackson is still having SO much fun with his Gigi, Gpa, Aunties and his cousin Luke. Thanks for taking such GREAT care of him, guys! My mom said the first thing he said this morning was "Where is baby Chase!?" so at least he realizes he's here. He came to visit today with the rest of the family and immediately proceeded to push all the buttons on my bed. I was a good 4 feet off the ground and had my feet up in the air by the time he was done. It was great to see everyone, though! =) We're VERY ready to go home tomorrow! I asked Alan if he'd serve me all 3 of my meals on a tray at home like I get here and he said 'no'. Darn. =)


Brenda said...

I think it's a fantastic picture! (Okay, so Alan's grin is a little cheesy....) I'm so happy for you guys!

Anna said...

Congrats!!!! Enjoy being a family of four!