Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Alan wanted to take Jackson camping but since I wasn't ready to spend a night at home alone with just Chase, we went to my in-laws' house and Jackson and Alan slept in a tent in the back yard. I've rarely seen Jackson so excited. He thought having a flashlight and sleeping outside was the greatest thing ever.
From Mom and Dad's and Beach 2009

Picture from the deck overlooking the backyard.
From Mom and Dad's and Beach 2009

My sweet little boy peeking through the tent wall.


Ken, Brandi and Skylar said...

that is sooo cute!!

Brenda said...

Oh fun, camping! Did Jackson actually sleep??

Amber said...

I have been scrolling through blogs and ran across yours. It's very cute!

SarahRachel said...

Thanks, Brandi! =)
Brenda- I miss you! And Jackson TOTALLY slept! Alan on the other hand had a hard time. Apparently he's not as young as he once was because he said sleeping on the ground was killer. By the way, Jackson and Chase wore their matching outfits on the fourth of July and looked so cute! =)
Amber- nice to "meet" you! =)

Kat Burris said...

Sarah! These pictures of the boys are awesome. I can't wait to meet Chase! Thanks for your comment, I downloaded that sermon but haven't had the time to listen to it yet. The pictures on my blog are from another guy on our team, he took over 400 pictures. They are astounding, as much as I want to take credit for them I can't. Thanks for all of the kind comments, send my hellos to Jackson, Chase and Alan! I miss you guys. I'll be back in Virginia soon and we'll catch up. I'm going back out of the country in August and Jamie is getting married, lots to do. Love you!