Saturday, August 1, 2009

Apparently I'm a genius.

A few stories to share:
1) Yesterday I made Jackson mad while he was eating lunch and I came in from the kitchen to talk to him about it and he pounded his fist on the table and yelled at me "You're a GENIUS!!!! Go back in the kitchen!" totally fiercely. I laughed and told him that genius means a really smart person and he ignored me for the rest of his lunch.
Yes, I realize that this is not great parenting but sometimes...I just have to laugh. =)
2) We were getting ready for the wedding and Jackson was protesting wearing the dress shirt that I had set out for him. "WHY do I have to wear this shirt, Mom?" "Because it's a wedding, Jackson. We wear our nice clothes to weddings." "No, Mom. I want to wear my mean clothes to the wedding."
We HAVE been working on opposites lately.
3) On the way to a wedding today I explained to Jackson that there would be a party with cake after the wedding. He got VERY excited and when we were almost there he clapped his hands together and said "We're going to Jackson's party! I get bicycle and cupcakes!" His birthday is coming up and those are the things he wants for his birthday. I had to quickly explain that this party was for Ann and Elliot and he took the news well once he realized he was still getting cake.
4) On the way home from the wedding Jackson was VERY tired and way past due for his nap. Alan and I were talking and he said "Pardon me" as he's been asked to say if he needs to interrupt. "Yes, Jackson?' I replied. Jackson said, "Mom, stop talking and go make me a sandwich." Hmm...we're still working on the manners.
I promise he's usually a very sweet, polite, and delightful boy- otherwise these moments wouldn't be so funny. =)
Oh, I should share something about Chase too, huh? Or as I like to call him, Neglected Number Two. ;-) He is at the stage where he coos and smiles a lot so it's a little bit more challenging to tell stories about the funny things he says. He IS in love with ceiling fans. Whatever room we're in, he looks every where for the ceiling fan in the room and immediately gives the fan a big smile and stares at it lovingly while cooing at it for an extended period of time. He is ADORABLE!!
Pictures coming soon from our Beach vacation with the Janney family, updated Chase pics, and pics from the wedding today...


Anonymous said...

Um... didn't you go to Myrtle Beach?

Don't sell yourself short. You ARE a genius. Jackson is one observant kid.


Jay said...

Those are some awesome quotes from Jackson! Haha

Amy said...

He is a crack up!!!! I can't wait for B to start talking more so I can hear what is going on in his little head!!

Jill Brochard said...

That is hilarious!! What a funny guy!

The Bozeman's said...

So funny!!!! too cute--your a genius!!!