Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jackson is FOUR!

Oh, my Jackson Ryan Janney. You are so much fun. You talk more than anyone I've ever known. Well, your dad would say that you talk as much as I do. =) You tell jokes that make me laugh and some that make absolutely no sense at I laugh at those, too. You are a sweet older brother to Chase and give him hugs frequently and he adores you. You love to play with cars and line them all up for races. You also have acquired a collection of "bad guys" and "superheroes" and they are frequently engaging in intense battles. Your favorite movies are "The Cars Movie" and "Kung Fu Panda." You still say "kank you" instead of thank you and you still say "You got for to..." instead of "You forgot to." I love it when you mix those words up because other than that, you are an incredibly articulate little guy. You have quite the following on my Facebook page because I often record the funny things you say and people love to read about your antics. You are a snuggle bug. You hug me often and say sweet things like "You are the best mommy in the whole wide world and I love you to Gigi and Gpa's house and back." I could never get tired of hearing that. You also love attention and I often hear "Mommy! Look at THIS!" I do get tired of hearing that. ;-) You still love to "kung fu" fight your dad and you also love going on "night walks" with Dad. Sometimes you guys bring your flashlights and just explore, other times, Daddy wears a glove and ya'll bring a bag and do "trash walks" and clean up the neighborhood. Some nights you two will lay on a blanket and look at stars and airplanes going over head. Gigi told you that you both can see the same moon when you see the moon and you somehow translated that to mean that Gigi can HEAR you on the moon so you've gotten in the habit of yelling VERY loudly, "GIGI!!! Can you hear me!??!?!" when you see the moon. She didn't help the situation by talking to you on the cell phone one night while you were yelling at the moon and saying "Yes, I can hear you!!" =) You love to sing songs, hear stories, tell stories, and be read stories at bed time. You say the sweetest prayers that I'm convinced must make God smile. You are such a special, wonderful little boy and you bring joy to everyone who knows you, and everyone who meets you.

My smiley 4 year old!


Marianne B Dean said...

Hey friend! Thanks so much for updating your blog! Loved looking at the pics and keeping up with your fam. Congrats on Lizzy's engagement! All those Blecksmith girls are so grown up now! Love you!

A, E, e, a said...

SO cute! Elise had better start appreciating Jackson for the adorable boy that he is... =) So glad you've updated the blog, too! Love, Moseleys

piersonam said...

Jackson's birthday was so much fun! The best part had to be the bike... such an important milestone :) Let's celebrate all the boys' half-birthdays too! That way we can get them together more often. :)