Saturday, October 16, 2010

The rest of our beach trip...

Well, it's October. What better time to write my blog post from our beach vacation, right? =)
Here's a collage of pics with captions of the rest of our trip:

The next few pics are from Broadway on the Beach. Alan's mom stayed home with Chase that night. We didn't just choose to exclude them from all the pictures. 
Getting ready to play Putt-putt.
Deep in concentration.
The Fire Breathing Dragon came out...
Jackson hiding from the fire breathing dragon...
And running away from the dragon as the fire comes out. 
Father and son.
Love this boy.
Megan, Jackson, and I.
Alan and Jackson.
Jackson riding his motorcycle.

In front of the aquarium.

"I LOVE THE BEACH!" (he said it with his eyes).

Jackson playing in the founatins at night.


My boys in action.

Love watching them play together. Total bff.

Lazy river...

Megan enjoying the lazy river with out children.

The way the lazy river looks with kids...

Snuggle bugs.

Alan and Chase walking the lazy river.

Megan and Jackson in the pool.

Family picture time.

 The whole Janney family on our 4th annual beach vacation. =)\

Papa and Nana with their grandkids.

The Beach!

Definitely siblings. =)
Jackson playing in the fountain.

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