Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lizzy is ENGAGED!!

My sister, Liz just got engaged a few weeks back to her boyfriend, Matt! YAY! We're all very excited. Alan and I actually knew Matt before Liz did because he was involved with Young Life at Radford University when Alan was the area director. We love Matt. We were super excietd when they started dating. I was even there when Lizzy came back to our house after the first date and I got to see the super awkward conversation that transpired as they tried to figure out how to say goodbye, whether or not they were going to go on another date, etc. It was awesome. But it all worked out and we're looking so forward to having Matt become an OFFICIAL member of the family. He's been an unofficial member for quite awhile.  CONGRATS, Liz and Matt!

RIGHT after they got back from him popping the question!
We MIGHT have known about it!
Telling the story of how the proposal happened..."and then Liz saw a shiny bottle..."
Hipster couple

Matt even makes Liz happy in the MUST be love. =)


David, Jenn, and Abby said...

Amazingly I ran into Liz and your mom at Panera the other day! We really need to get together next time your up!

piersonam said...

yay!!! Lizzy and Matt are such a perfect couple. :) I don't usually like weddings, but I'm sooo looking forward to theirs!! Liz is going to be such a beeeeautiful bride. <3

Jay said...

Yay for weddings!!!!!!!!