Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christmas with my family...

We headed back up to see my parents and spend Christmas with my family after our Janney Christmas. We still didn't take any pictures. Thankfully, my Dad is GREAT about taking pictures so I have lots to choose from.

Here is Jackson posing for Gpa by the Christmas tree.
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

Here is Gpa showing Jackson how small baby Luke's feet are.
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

And now, for a few family picture. Family pictures are a kind of infamous event around our house. They usually involve my Dad's camera set on timer, a ladder standing in as a tripod, a lot of unwanted advice and comments such as,
"Hey Dad, turn the flash on!!"
"Dad, the ladder is wobbling!"
"I can't sit on this side. It's my bad side. Why does she get to sit on her good side?"
"I blinked again. Do it over."
And of course there have been plenty of teenage temper tantrums over the years. What do you expect with four girls?! However, we are all adults now so you'd think that family pictures have become a much more sensible, mature event, right? I'll let you decide for yourselves. =)
Take 1: Nice smile, Becky! Where's Dad?
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

Take 2: We're still missing Dad.
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

Take 3: SUCCESS!
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

Sisters picture with our coordinated demure smiles.
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

Janney Family
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

Gigi and Gpa with their Grandsons. There will be three little boys very soon!
From Fall of 08- Spring 09

The holidays are truly a special time for our family. Alan and I both feel incredibly blessed that we love and enjoy our families to such a great extent. It's so easy to be grateful at Thanksgiving for everything that God has given us. It comes very naturally to us to think of the great gift God gave us in his son at Christmas as we reflect on the love we feel all around us coming from our loved ones. Okay, that's my sappy bit about the holidays. =)
2008 was an AMAZING year!

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