Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Day in my Life...

When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom. When people would ask me even when I was really little what I wanted to be I'd say "A mom, teacher, nurse, and princess." I didn't want to limit my options. When I worked at a bank for a little over a year I realized that working a 9-5 job with only 2 weeks of vacation was sort of awful. I liked dressing up every day because I...well, I'm just kind of girly like that. =) I liked meeting lots of nice people and having happy hour nights out on the town with co-workers. But I HATED the lack of flexibility in my schedule. I hated that I couldn't take vacations when I wanted to or visit my family for holidays for more than a day or two. I hated the monotony of it all and the lack of purpose.
I quit that job to finish college and get my teaching license. Teaching was MUCH more my thing. I taught in a low income school about 30 minutes from where I lived. I loved that I was able to love kids who came from broken homes and didn't get much attention at home. I taught first grade and then kindergarten and they were both so much fun to teach! I still got to dress up every day (although it was much more dress slacks and flats rather then pencil skirts and heels). I got breaks for all the holidays AND summer. It was so much more fulfilling!
And then Jackson came along and teaching went out the window pretty quickly. I couldn't imagine dropping my baby off at a daycare and letting someone else spend most of his waking moments with him. I got to see every developmental milestone first. The first time he smiled, laughed, sat up, walked, talked, etc. And now I'm getting to do the same with Chase! It is such a privilege and joy. Most days I really love it and can't believe how blessed I am. Other days, I look out the window at my neighbors in their dressy work clothes heading off to their 9-5 jobs and think "Oooh, that must be so nice!" Like sometimes on days where Jackson is talking incessantly and insisting that I play Little People, Thomas the Train, School, Cars, AND Hide n Go seek for the 50th time. Or when Chase is being fussy for no reason (Okay, seriously- that's happened maybe once. That kid is such an easy baby). Most days though, my heart is overflowing with love and affection for my two boys. I laugh so much. I've never been so content and I really believe that's because this is who God made me to be and I'm getting to fulfill my purpose. =)
Here are some pictures of a typical day at home (a side note, my children wear very cute clothes when we go places...underwear and diapers are not the norm!=)):
From August
This is Jackson being a train engineer. He lines up our chairs and plays this daily. I have to...err...get to ride the train. We escape from lions and snakes and go magical places like "Gigi and Gpas house" "church" and "Chuck E.Cheese." Yeah, those are Jackson's top 3 pics.

From August
This is Chase calling for 'HELP!!' Jackson loves decorating himself with stickers and has recently discovered that he really likes to decorate his little brother.

From August
Jackson is very pleased with his work. Chase is not impressed.

From August
Chase's sweet smile.

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Rebecca R said...

I love this post! I wouldn't swap being a SAHM for anything - just being there for my children is enough, making sure they have a home cooked meal after school. I could never imagine leaving them with anyone else - and I'm proud of being "just a mum" too. Thank you x