Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 3 Month Birthday to Chase!

I asked Alan to snap a few pics of Chase when he got home from work in honor of his 3 month Birthday. He took some of my favorite pics of Chase to date.
From August

My little munchkin. I think Alan described him best to me when he said "he just tries to be happy." He really does. He is content and needs so little to keep him happy. If his diaper is clean and his tummy is full and he's had a nap, there is like a 1% chance he's going to fuss. It's like he knows that Jackson requires some of my attention and energy and decided to take it easy on me. Such a sweet heart.

From August

This handsome little smile comes easier and easier these days. I had him in his Bumbo the other day and he would smile and laugh every time I'd say "Hi Chase!" Oh, if only everyone were so easy to entertain. =)

From August
And then there is his laugh. He laughs pretty easily too these days. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his laugh. It's kind of raspy and just adorable. If baby laughs don't melt your heart, then I just don't think you have one. They are the cutest.

And a random Jackson story:
I almost never wear glasses because I have day/night lenses which you sleep in and leave in all the time. Tonight, I decided to wear my glasses to give my eyes a break for once. Alan likes my glasses. He also thinks Tina Fey is cute so his opinion doesn't count for much in this area. Jackson hasn't ever seen me in glasses and when I went in to kiss him goodnight he said "Mommy, boys don't like it when girls wear glasses. Take them off." Hm...thanks for that.
From August


Jill Brochard said...

What handsome little guys!!

piersonam said...

I LOVE these picures of the boys! Chase looks like a sweet little snuggle bug and Jackson looks as handsome as ever! Tell Alan good job on his photography project!

Heather D. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm glad you like it! Your sister's plushies are adorable!

I have a girlfriend who just named her new baby boy Chase. He's a cutie pie just like your Chase! :)

Anonymous said...

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